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Wimberley Community Tennis Association

WCTA Singles Ladder


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Last Updated 9/27/23

1.  Branton Kirchner          737-373-5402

​2.  Blake Hutchinson         713-261-8582

3.  Danny Mireles              702-238-9847

​4.  Alfonso Hernandez       512-484-1124

5.  Kyle Hemmi                  512-638-1393

6.  Marcus Gonzales          512-757-3687

​7.  Sloan Gill ​                     512-801-4417

​8.  Jesus Carrera                512-627-7628

9.  Stacey Parrish             281-773-5374

10.  Humberto Vasquez     713-927-1062

11.  Steve Lyssy                 830-837-2144

12.  Mark Standley             907-230-8528>

13.  Todd Hannigan           805-766-7438

​14.  Wellborn Gregg           281-433-0576

​​15.  Steve Johnson             512-789-5016

16.  Orlin Johnson              512-573-7506

17.  Zach Witt                    979-255-1744



                                           WCTA SINGLES LADDER INFO/RULES

  • Ladder will be open to all members of the WCTA, regardless of age, gender or skill level.
  • Players will be listed/numbered in single file from top to bottom [new players will be added to the bottom, some may be inserted higher depending on singles experience or  NTRP rating, but must play down first].
  • Contact between players should be made via phone text/call, all players have their phone #'s displayed by their name.
  • In order to move up the ladder, a player must have won his/her last match.
  • When a player defeats the player above, he/she will be placed above the defeated player and the winner regains the right to play up again. 
  • When a player loses a match, he/she must play down (against the person below) and win before he/she can play up again to advance.  Exception: If the losing player becomes the last active player on the ladder then they will challenge up.
  • The challenging(lower-ranked) player is responsible for making initial contact to the player above and furnishing a new can of tennis balls for their match.  The winner is responsible for reporting the outcome of the match to the ladder director.  The higher ranked player can always reach out first too instead of waiting, the goal is to keep the play going so the sooner the communication starts, the better!
  • All matches will be 2 out of 3 full sets,  following standard USTA rules using regular AD scoring.  IF the two players agree, a third set 10pt tie-break may be played in place of a full third set, but this needs be agreed upon by both players before the match begins.  A 7pt tie-break shall be played to decide any set that reaches game count 6-6.
  • Tiebreaker format shall be regular style, unless both players agree to play Coman style.  This is to be decided before the match starts.  See/google USTA rules on regular and Coman tiebreakers if you are unsure on how they work.
  • Important...the two bullets above need to be discussed/decided before the match starts.^^^^^^^^^^^
  • The current ladder will be maintained on this page of the WCTA web site http://www.wimberleytennis.org/ that players can watch and see when there is someone above them available to challenge, so no need to wait on a email announcing matches.  This link will be updated frequently and has a time stamp at the top, so keep an eye out for changes around you.
  • Players' names will be color-coded according to their status:
    • Name in GREEN means player is playing up.
    • Name in BLUE means player must play down.
    • Name in RED means player is temporarily out of competition and may be jumped.
    • Name in BLACK means you are the current king/queen of the ladder, congrats!

  • Players should be ready to play about once a week depending on availability of opponents.
  • Any player who will be out for a week or more should notify the ladder director and his/her position will be placed on hold, allowing other players to play around him/her.  His/her name will be colored RED until he/she is available to play.  A player whose position on the ladder is on hold will be moved down the ladder only when the player below him/her challenges and defeats the player above the on-hold position.
  • When challenged, a player must accept the challenge and work out a time and place to play within a week or two, or put him/herself on hold by contacting the ladder director via email or text.  This will enable the challenging player to play around the on-hold player and (potentially) move up the ladder. 
  • When a player, after having lost his/her last match, challenges and plays a player above him/her on the ladder, the results of that match will not effect either players ranking on the ladder.  He/she must play down and win before challenging up again to advance.  So these will basically be considered "fun/practice" matches to work on your game. 
  • If two players are ranked next to each other in green and are both waiting for above matches, then the lower ranked player may challenge the higher ranked player.  The challenge does not have to be accepted, but if it is then the match counts and the standard ladder rules apply.  Winner will stay green and possibly move up one position, loser will turn blue and possibly drop one position.  This only applies to active players right next to each other in ladder rank.
  • If you schedule a match during a WCTA league play time(Tues/Thurs pm, Sat am) at the WISD courts, please be considerate of court availability and postpone/reschedule if all of the courts are needed for doubles play.  Just jump in and play some doubles with your fellow WCTA members!
  • Request to sign up for the ladder via the Contact link on this website, or contact the ladder director, Sloan Gill.  Email: wsggill@gmail.com / ph#:512-801-4417